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a Colorado-based company, excels in owning and managing multiple strategic websites and domains in the health, fitness, nutrition, and cannabis verticals.


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Website Design and Development

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Website Promotion

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Product Design and Development

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Product Promotion and Distribution

About Us

In 2017, Peak 59 Marketing Group emerged in the burgeoning cannabis and cannabis accessory industry as a sales and distribution firm catering to select entities. Given the nascent state of the commercial cannabis sector at the time, particularly regarding CBD (Cannabidiol, “CannaBehDial”), the company ventured into a field that was still in its early stages.

Fast forward to today, Peak 59 Marketing Group has evolved into a multifaceted enterprise, owning and managing websites and parked domains across various sectors, including health, fitness, nutrition, and cannabis.

Leading the company as CEO and owner is Mark Nelson, a seasoned individual with an unwavering dedication to fitness and nutrition spanning over four decades. His profound commitment to these disciplines has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s direction and vision.

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